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 Monday, January 22, 2018 

Dear Community Member,

In 2014, the Government of Ontario began the process of developing public sector compensation frameworks to ensure a transparent and consistent approach to executive compensation. The Broader Public Sector Executive Compensation Act of 2014 (“BPSECA” or “the Act”), introduced by the Ontario Government, applies to all Ontario public sector designated employers, including universities, colleges, hospitals, and school boards.

At Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (CKHA) we make it a priority to find the most responsible ways to compensate our leaders that are in compliance with government requirements and believe that transparency and accountability are very important to promoting public confidence.

In compliance with the Act, Broader Public Sector Executive Compensation Act of 2014 – Executive Compensation Framework, and Ontario Regulation 187/17 (“the Regulations”), CKHA has completed their executive compensation framework in consultation.

The proposed Executive Compensation Program sets out a rational compensation approach for executive positions at CKHA. The designated executive positions at CKHA include the President & CEO, the Vice President, Chief Nursing Executive, the Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and the Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer.

Key sections in our proposed Executive Compensation Program include:

  1. Identification of Designated Executive Positions
  2. CKHA’s Compensation Philosophy
  3. Identification of External Comparator Organizations and Analysis
  4. Salary and Performance Related Pay Envelope
  5. Other elements of Compensation

CKHA will continue to work with the government understanding that this is a time of accountability, transparency and consistency in compensation for executives throughout the Broader Public Sector.

As such, part of the Government Regulations requires all Ontario broader public sector employers to conduct a 30-day public consultation on their proposed Executive Compensation Program. This public consultation period is opportunity for all interested parties to provide input into CKHA’s draft framework. The consultation period will last a total of 30 days and all comments are due by February 18, 2018.

Please provide your comments and/or feedback on the draft framework below.


Original signed by Rob Devitt 

Robert Devitt



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